Game Theory and Faceted Classification

An application of faceted classification for navigating the possible strategies of a game. It occurred to me that the constraint processing done by a facet classification engine is the same as required for resolving the possible outcomes of a strategy game. Below is a visualization of the Prisoner's Dilemma game, whereby the accused face different prison sentences depending on how much they trust each other (trust each other not to talk).

Facets selected

Browse Alice
Stays quiet(2), Rats(2)
Browse Bob
Stays quiet(2), Rats(2)

Possible outcomes = 4

Alice goes free AND Bob gets 10 year sentence
Alice gets 5 year sentence AND Bob gets 5 year sentence
Alice gets 1 year sentence AND Bob gets 1 year sentence
Alice gets 10 year sentence AND Bob goes free

Developer's Note:
The outcomes list should more correctly display pairs of possible outcomes for Alice and Bob, e.g.:
"Alice goes free AND Bob gets 10 year sentence". done